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Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me Women's Crew Socks - Rum Away With Me

Sock It To Me Women's Crew Socks - Rum Away With Me

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Let's do it! Let's hit happy hour. Why not? We deserve it. We work hard and it's time to treat ourselves. What do you want, a margarita? Pina colada with a little umbrella? You know where those taste the best? The beach. You know what would be really crazy? If we just took off and went to some remote paradise where it's warm and we could really relax. Someone bringing us drinks as we lie in the sun. I know, I know it's crazy. We have work in the morning. But we have miles and what's really stopping us? Nothing. We could be on a warm beach drinking rum out of a coconut in a matter of hours. Of course I'm kidding. Yeah, you saw right though me. Well, let's grab these cocktail crew socks and grab a happy hour, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and head to work in the morning.

Size: UK: 3-8 / US: 5-10 / EU: 35.5-42

Materials: 55% Cotton, 42% Polyester, 3% Spandex

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