Shoelace Size Guide

Use the following table to find out what type of shoelaces are ideal for your footwear.

Type of LaceProductsWidthLengthSuitable For
Fat Laces Mr Lacy Fatties 25mm 130cm Wide shoes, skate shoes, popular with b-boys
Flat Shoelaces Mr Lacy Flatties 10mm 130cm Standard trainers & shoes
Kids Shoelaces Mr Lacy Junior Flatties 10mm 110cm Children's shoes & trainers
Round Shoelaces Mr Lacy Roundies 5mm circumference 130cm Sports trainers or boots
Short Shoelaces Mr Lacy Smallies 8mm 90cm Pumps, deck shoes or trainers with less eyelets
Oval Shoelaces Mr Lacy Slimmies 8mm circumference 130cm Sports trainers